Plan Drawing

Here at Collision Forensics Ltd we use the very latest Trimble surveying technology to ensure our customers are provided with the most accurate plans possible.  We use the very latest calibrated Trimble SX10 utilising its combined High definition 3D laser scanner and 1″ Robotic Total Station to survey scenes.  We also use the very latest Trimble R10 GNSS GPS survey rover running a VRS Now correction service which can be used integrated with the SX10 or as stand alone equipment recoding data to the powerful TSC 7 data logger.  We are able to process the aquired data in either Trimble Business Centre supplied by Trimble, Geosite 5.1 software supplied by Korec Ltd and Trimble Forensics Reveal .


The data acquired by these highly accurate instruments can then be processed in the appropriate software above to produce detailed scale plans, produce 3D animated reconstructions, carry out detailed and accurate momentum analysis and much more.  We are also able to accept data sets recovered by the police and use the data in our software suites to fully analyse any collision and provide our clients with the best evidence possible.  Below is an anonymised plan produced by Geosite 5.1 software, which can be printed at up to A1 paper size on our HP Designjet plotter.

Plan Example

Trimble Forensic Reveal software can be use to produce both 2D and 3D Plans and animations or even to be able to introduce 3D objects into your scene photographs.  There is much more that the software can help you with.  Follow this link to see more

Below is a plan prepared with this software for a multiple collision on the M5 Motorway which was prepared for one of our clients to help understand the collision circumstances.


2D Plan 3DPlan Photo FX