Steve Green – BSc (Hons), MIRTE, Eng Tech, MSOE, MIMI, CAE

Steve is an experienced ex Police Senior Collision Investigator who was employed by the West Yorkshire Police for almost 35 years.  For the last 9 years of his service he managed the force’s Collision Investigation Unit and the 12 Collision Investigators who worked within the Unit. Using his extensive experience, he supervised and ensured high quality forensic analysis and reporting of all potentially fatal and fatal collisions which occurred in the West Yorkshire Police area, some 300 to 350 incidents per year.  As the lead Collision Investigator for the force, he provided advice and set strategy for investigations in conjunction with both the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team (HMET) and Major Collision Enquiry Team (MCET).  Steve was the Regional Senior Collision Investigator representative for the North East of England on the national ACPO Collision Investigation forum.  Steve was responsible for ensuring that the Collision Investigation Unit was the first Collision Investigation Unit in the UK to be awarded ISO 9001/2008 for its quality management processes along with all other departments in the forces Scientific Support Unit.

Steve is an innovative and successful Collision Investigator who is knowledgeable in all the current techniques within in the discipline and throughout his extensive career has personally investigated several hundred fatal and potentially fatal collisions.  He has assisted colleagues with their investigations and has attended well over a thousand other collisions in this capacity.  He is able to offer specialist services amongst many others in seat belt use determination, forensic analysis of digital tachograph data, production of scale plans using the latest measurement technology (including HDS Laser Scanning and Robotic Total Station), forensic examination of light bulbs and 3D animation of collisions when appropriate amongst many others.

Steve has been the Director & Principal Consultant at Collision Forensics Ltd and since 2014 has been providing a professional service to a range of clients regarding the reconstruction of road collisions in both the Civil and Criminal Court arenas.  He is  an experienced engineer who has examined vehicles of all classes with regard to their mechanical condition whilst with the force.  He is proven expert witness, with extensive experience in producing thorough and well written technical reports and then presenting the complex evidence in all levels of Court.

Steve holds a BSc (Hons.) degree awarded by Teesside University in Work Based Studies (Combined Sciences).  His research dissertation was regarding deriving vehicle speed from critical speed marks in the light of advances in measurement technology and has a special interest in the reconstruction of Pedestrian Collisions.


John Green – MIAEA, MIMI, AAE, MSOE, MIRTE, Eng Tech

John is an experienced Forensic Collision Investigator who had been employed by the West Yorkshire Police for over 29 years .  He is highly respected amongst his peers and was one of the most experienced Forensic Collision Investigators in the Police Service in the UK, having performed this role for all of his 29 years with the force.

John has proved himself to be an innovative and successful Collision Investigator who is knowledgeable in all the current techniques available in the discipline and has throughout his career investigated well over a thousand fatal and potentially fatal collisions and now provides those services as an independent consultant in both the Civil and Criminal Court arenas to clients throughout the UK.  He is a proven expert witness, with extensive experience in presenting complex evidence at Criminal, Civil and Coroners Court.

John is an Apprentice Trained Motor Vehicle Engineer and has over 35 years experience in the examination and repair of all classes of Motor Vehicle.  Whilst employed by West Yorkshire Police, John was authorised by the Chief Constable, to test and inspect motor vehicles and trailers on a road, for the purposes of Section 67 Road Traffic Act 1988.

Since May 2019, John has been employed as a Senior Consultant with Collision Forensics Ltd and provides a professional collision reconstruction service to a range of clients throughout the UK in both the Civil and Criminal arenas in that role.